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Easy-peasy recipe for #lowcarb coconut macaroons - only 1g net carbs per macaroon.

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the best sound in the world is someone else making you bulletproof coffee while you’re still cozy in bed.


if you don’t terrify people a little bit then what’s the point.

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horrifying laziness: I don’t give a shit about keto pizza crust. bake cauliflower (w/ salt, pepper, garlic, etc) and cover in pizza toppings. also add lamb meatballs cause you stress bought them at trader joe’s when you had a migraine.

I’m also lazy in that I cook 1-2x per week and make all my work lunches at once if I can help it. just in case you guys were worried I was eating 2 heads of cauliflower a day.

anyway, is it kosher to work on your resume while you’re at work? asking for a friend.

I’m going through my blog (like 2-3 years back) and I am, for the first time in my 26 years, experiencing that thing where you look back and miss your body in a previous incarnation. I have ALWAYS looked back like “thank god I’m more awesome and hotter now!” but that’s finally not true. looking back used to be profoundly weird because I didn’t recognize that 200+ pound girl. a “friend” pulled up older/fatter pictures in my old office once (to show coworkers without asking me) and it was just SO uncomfortable. blegh.

I’m so so so BUMMED that I let this happen, and I feel like I let that dedicated, hard-working girl down. she went to the gym and ran all the time and worked HARD for YEARS to create a body she was proud of….and what have I done? she carved it out over a LONG ASS TIME with hard work and good fuel and I am just lazy and made up entirely of garbage choices it seems.

I’ve learned a lot and come far in a lot of respects since 2012-2013. but it still stings that it’s my own damn fault I have to start over.

I used to be the friend that people went to for motivation (you need a running partner?? sure!) and I used to run even when it meant I’d show up to events with friends hot and sweaty (just cause! why wouldn’t i?) and I used to go for 2 a day so my roommate wouldn’t go alone (RIGHT?) and I used to get asked about weight loss tips by friends, too! cause my progress was VISIBLE! and I was mean to that body and I wasn’t always proud but god, I know how much more comfortable I was in that skin. and I guess I’ll do the damn thing, earn her back, and be so much kinder and more appreciative when I get her.

anyway. one of my hairs is almost exactly as long as my work keyboard so that’s cool.

a) old ombre hair (feat gross shirt I always dye my hair in)
b) new dye job and new glasses!!!
c) new hair cut
d) selfie spam 2k14 ROLLS ON

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